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Tile adhesive  | EIFS | Self-Leveling | Repair Mortars | Wall putty | Render&Plaster

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Daily Chemical | Wall Putty | Drymix Mortar | Tile Adhesive | Self-leveling | Render & Plaster

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Concrete Admixtures | Drymix Mortar | construction additive

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Opening shengda cellulose ether factory tour

  • Factories in China, complete supply chain system;

  • Independent QC Dep, strict quality control;

  • Cellulose ether annual production capacity of 60,000 tons, providing a stable supply and fast delivery;

  • 98.2% customer satisfaction, Shengda professional team do our best to meet your needs.

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Perfect service to help your business further

1. Technical training and consulting services
Provide professional technical training to help you better understand the properties, uses, and best application methods of cellulose ethers.

2. Customized solution service
Provide personalized product solutions to meet the specific needs for you and meet the special requirements of different industries and applications.

3. Quality Tracing and Assurance
Our factory strictly follows quality control standards to ensure the stable and reliable quality of the products we produce. We provide detailed quality reports to prove that the products comply with relevant quality standards and specifications.

4. Supply chain management and coordination services
Ensure stable supply to meet your needs in a timely manner and minimize the impact on you due to raw material shortages or production problems.


We are China leading HPMC/RDP manufacturer. Top 3 manufacturer in China.

When you buy HPMC, besides the trustworthiness of the HPMC suppliers, the quality of HPMC, delivery time, after-sales service, and other factors, the HPMC price is also very important. When considering the price of HPMC, there are several factors that will have an impact on it. These factors cover everything from product specifications to market factors. Let me explain them in more detail to help you better understand what’s behind HPMC pricing:

Product specifications and viscosity grades: HPMC powder typically comes in different specifications and viscosity grades for different applications. Higher viscosity grades of HPMC are usually more expensive because they require more performance in certain applications. For example, in mortar, putty, and tile adhesive applications, high-viscosity HPMC powders are usually required. Therefore, the specific specification and viscosity grade you choose will directly affect the price of HPMC.

Purchase Quantity: For other HPMC manufacturers, buying in large quantities usually gives you more discounts and reduces the average unit price. Shengda, as an HPMC manufacturer in China, offers competitive wholesale HPMC prices regardless of the quantity purchased.

Supplier Sources: HPMC prices are also influenced by the source of the supplier. Production costs and market conditions vary from region to region, so larger producing countries such as China may offer more competitive prices. As a leading supplier of Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose in China, with an annual production capacity of more than 45,000 tons, our huge production capacity enables us to better control the cost and offer competitive HPMC prices.

Market demand and supply: HPMC price is affected by the fluctuation of market demand and supply. If market demand rises or there is insufficient supply, prices may rise; conversely, if there is excess supply, prices may fall.

Customized requirements: If you need a customized HPMC solution, such as specific additives, colors, or particle sizes, this may result in higher prices because the production process will be more complex.

Packaging and delivery methods: Packaging and delivery methods can also have an impact on H PMC prices. Different packaging specifications and shipping methods can result in different costs. We can accept customization of packaging.

Please note that understanding these factors and working with your supplier to negotiate can help you get the most competitive price for your HPMC. We are happy to discuss your specific needs and provide the best HPMC solution for your project. If you have questions about HPMC pricing or any other issues, please feel free to contact us.

Use our high quality HPMC with small quantity added,and with our professional formula, you can save a lot of money.

Generally it is 1000 kg.
If you have a sample order, please feel free to contact us (samples are free for you, and the shipping costs are borne by you.), so that we can provide you with some shipping suggestions according to the quantity you need to save costs.

Usually 3-7 working days (for ready-made samples) and 7-15 working days (for bulk orders).

-We can provide you with samples for your use test or component test;
-We have a full set of product certification certificates, which are tested and certified by authoritative organizations, so that you can purchase with confidence;
-There will be a factory inspection report for the batch of products when the product leaves the factory;
-The product will undergo 3 QC inspections during customs declaration;

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