Shengda cellulose ether products can ensure the smooth construction of different types of tiles on different base surfaces, even at ambient temperature. In more severe cases, ceramic tile binder can also be given a long enough opening time and adiustable time.

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    Our products provide the following features in tile adhesive applications:

    Because of the problem of habit, on construction way, Europe and China have big diference, different construction habit has different requirement to ceramic tile adhesive.

    Requirements for ceramic tile adhesive by direct sticking method:

    ✔Good workability, easy operation, non-stick knife

    ✔Good initial adhesion

    When the thin paste method is adopted, higher requirements are put forward for tile glue:

    ✔Easy to work, easy to spread, do not stick the knife

    ✔Good anti-vertical effect

    ✔Long opening time, good wettability

    ✔Long adjustable time

    Recommended ShengDa Grades:

    For different construction methods and different binder requirements, we can provide different cellulose products to easily meet. Shengda Cellulose can provide ceramic tile adhesive with excellent wet viscosity, anti-aging performance and opening time.

    HPMC Grades:

    Grand Cellu™ CEE DL3011    Grand Cellu™ CEE DL9010      Grand Cellu™ CEE DL9031

    RDP Grades:

    FR310  FR320