Generally, the coating system has three layers: wall, putty, and paint layer. Due to the difference in their deformation coefficients, when the ambient temperature and humidity change, the deformation amounts of the three layers of materials will also be different, which will inevitably cause stress concentration, which requires putty layer uses its own elasticity to take on the task of eliminating stress concentration, there by resisting cracking of the base layer and peeling of the paint layer. 

Our products provide the following features in Skim Coat/Wall Putty applications:

In addition to providing a flat, smooth or textured base for latex paint, putty can also achieve functions such as reducing the amount of latex paint and extending the service life of latex paint through the optimization of the formula.

Recommended ShengDa Grades:

Grand Cellu™ CEE DL30

Grand Cellu™ CEE DL60

Grand Cellu™ CEE DL90

Grand Cellu™ CEE SL30

Grand Cellu™ CEE SL60

Grand Cellu™ CEE SL90