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Product Name: Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, HPMC.
CAS No.: 9004-65-3
Chemical Properties: Non-Ionic
Main Components: Refined cotton, Chloromethane, Propylene oxide, Liquid alkali.

Function: Can be used as thickener, binder, surfactant, protective colloid, suspending agent and water retention agent.

Applications: Construction grade applications (external wall insulation; wall putty; gypsum-based series; dry-mix mortar; tile adhesive, etc.), coatings, daily Chemical grade applications (detergent, shower gel, shampoo, hand soap, laundry detergent, etc.).

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HPMC Powder Dissolves

Commonly used applications for HPMC powders

Tile Adhesive

Wall Putty


Dry mix mortar

Features that Make Our Unique

Non-ionic & Cold-water solubility

Our HPMC remains stable under various conditions, which enhances the versatility of the product, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. And its exceptional solubility in cold water, reducing your waiting time.

Water retention & Lubrication

HPMC for cement, mortar, and wall putty can improve workability and processing. Extending the open time also helps hydration more fully.

PH stability & Thermal gelation

Shengda HPMC remains stable in the range of pH 3~11, and it turns into a gel when the temperature is too high, and when cools down, it turns into the liquid again.

Thickness & Film formation

Increases viscosity and stability of liquids. Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose is waterproof and oil-proof.

Get The Type Of ShengDa HPMC That’s Best For You!

Leveraging a wealth of project know-how and documented success, we meticulously match HPMC types to the specific requirements of each project, delivering bespoke problem-solving approaches for you.

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Package & Shipping

Our HPMC Factory

Customer Factory Inspection

Summary of Frequently Asked Questions

We accept a minimum order quantity of 1 ton.

We offer 200-500g free sample depending on your needs.

We use bags of 25 kg to pack our products.

The variance in viscosity between Shengda and Walocel arises from distinct production processes and raw material choices. Walocel utilizes fine wood cotton, contributing to its excellent water retention capabilities. In contrast, Shengda employs refined cotton as its raw material, resulting in a thickening property that is double that of standard products. The purpose behind the development of high-viscosity products is to offer cost savings to our customers. With elevated viscosity, the required dosage is minimized, effectively reducing expenses for our clients.

1. More than 20 years of cellulose ethers production experience

Established in 2003, the Shengda cellulose ethers Factory has the most advanced and complete product lines and fusion solutions. Insisting on the use of traditional production processes, Shengda cellulose ethers has stronger solubility, thickening and stability.

2. Professional chemical technical support team

We have an experienced technical support team consisting of professional chemical engineers and technical experts. They can answer customers’ technical questions about hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) applications, provide customized solutions, and assist customers in selecting the grades and use of HPMC that best suits their needs.

3. Customized service before you buy

We understand that different customers have different needs. Therefore, we offer customized HPMC products that can be formulated with different viscosities, molecular weights, solubilities, and other technical parameters according to the specific requirements of our customers. Contact us for customized guidance before you buy hpmc!

4. HPMC factory Quality Assurance

Our HPMC factory strictly follows quality control standards to ensure the stable and reliable quality of the HPMC products we produce. We provide detailed quality reports to meet customers’ high requirements for quality.

5. Logistics support

We work with reliable logistics partners to ensure safe and fast delivery of HPMC products to customers. We provide flexible logistics solutions to meet customer needs.

6. Technical Training

We provide our customers with technical training on HPMC, including the proper use, storage, and handling of the products, to ensure that our customers can fully utilize the performance and advantages of HPMC.

7. After-sales service

As a hydroxypropyl methylcellulose supplier, we not only provide support before the sale but also provide continuous service to our customers during the post-sale stage. If a customer encounters a problem or needs further assistance when using HPMC products, our customer service team will respond promptly and provide a solution.

8. Feedback mechanism

We welcome customers to provide feedback and suggestions to help us continuously improve our products and services. Customer satisfaction is our highest pursuit.

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    Shengda HPMC Grades and Uses

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    Daily Chemical Grade HPMC PDF

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